Physical Planning, Architecture & Infrastructure

Physical planning is the basic work of a civil engineering development project, which includes all types of master planning, town/city planning, housing and commercial complex, high-rise buildings, etc. Physical planning is generally followed by Architectural and Engineering design which involve optimum utilisation of space and facilities to match economy, comfort and gratification. Architectural activities communicate heritage, culture and tradition, and relate to adaptation with modern concepts, trends and values- aesthetic and originality is no doubt a dominant criteria. Engineering design has to incorporate locally and internationally followed codes, practices and techniques.


EQMS's planners, architects and engineers always produce their innovative idea in planning and design in every sphere of the architectural & civil engineering projects in Bangladesh.


Areas of Professional Activities:

                                             1. Physical planning

                                             2. Basic Architectural and Civil Drawing& Design and Planning

                                             3. Landscape planning and design

                                             4. High-rise building design and construction monitoring and supervision

                                             5. Housing estate planning and design

                                             6. Master Layout Plan for Township