Water Supply & Sanitation

Water supply and sanitation facilities are the basic needs for improved health and better living conditions of both rural and urban population. Heavy concentration of people associated with environmental disturbance, and lack of awareness are the main areas of interventions in improving sustainable water supply and sanitation facilities in Bangladesh. Effective sustainable water supply is not merely a matter of resources availability but appropriate financing and operational management are also important, which are very much lacking in the prevailing water supply and sanitation systems in the country.


EQMS has gained extensive experience in development and management of integrated water supply and sanitation projects in the rural areas, towns and cities of Bangladesh. EQMS has experience in detail design and setup of effluent treatment plant in pharmaceutical, food and textile industries.


Areas of Professional Activities:

                                              1. Assessment of potential surface and ground water resources

                                              2. Sustainable water supply system

                                              3. Hand pump and well program

                                              4. Desalination and water treatment

                                              5. Water distribution management

                                              6. Financial management

                                              7. Sewer and drainage system

                                              8. Low cost sanitation system

                                              9. Sewerage treatment and disposal