Agriculture and Environment

Even though Environmental issues and development activities are considered as two sides of the same coin, uncontrolled and unplanned development activities that are going on in Bangladesh at present times, the resultant impact of such development on environmental degradation has unfortunately not been fully appreciated.


This process of environmental degradation is being accelerated with the hectic development of various types of industrial units and socio-economic activities under different sectoral program. The fact has led to the realisation of appropriate and proper planning and management in addressing the various issues concerning environment. Thus in line with the pressing need and objective to offer environmental solutions to industrial enterprises and public bodies, the EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS), the leading-reputable and most experienced Private Sector Environmental Consultancy Organisation in Bangladesh provides expertise services for transfer of appropriate, affordable, acceptable and no environmental damage pertaining technology to the requirement of small, medium and large industries with particular emphasis on Road/Infrastructure Sector, Agro-Food/Fish Sector, Chemical and Fertilizer Sector, Energy and Power Sector, Oil and Gas Exploration Sector, Cement and Paper Sector, Leather and Textile Sector, Garment, Pharmaceutical and Drug manufacturing Sector, Wastes and by products utilization Sector, Water Resource Management, Sanitation and Pollution Control Management Plan, etc.


This Organisation has the competency in conducting/preparing EIA studies, production/process and Total Quality Control Management Manual, Environment Management Plan and manual including wastes management, design, installation and implementation of environmental pollution control system with personnel/expert selection and training program for both on-going and new projects under aforesaid sectors.


The cited expertise services of EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) have been acquired over a period of decade working with the requirements of public and private sector industries/agencies as well as enhancing skill through exposition of updated training needs.


Services for Environment and Social Consultancy:
The management of EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) offers the following services to concerned industries, public and private agencies:
         1. Site Selection;
         2. Environmental Quality Monitoring;
         3. Ecological Baseline Study and Bio-diversity Conservation Management;
         4. Socio-economic and Institutional Studies;
         5. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies;
         6. Preparation of Environmental Disaster and Risk Management Plan;
         7. Formulation of Environmental Monitoring System/Plan;
         8. Preparation of Environmental Guidelines;
         9. Management of Toxic and Hazardous wastes generated from various Industries;
       10. Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling Projects and Power Generation Plants; and
       11. Environmental subject matter input Training and Pilot Research Program/Project


Site Selection








EQMS assists sponsors/clients in selecting environmentally friendly site for setting up the concerned industry/unit with due consideration of natural/existing environmental conditions and sufficiently available resources as well as in terms of wastes generation from the proposed project and their discharges facilities at suitably available location.

Environmental Quality Monitoring







EQMS maintains widely experienced and capable professionals to conduct environmental quality parameters monitoring. The indices such as meteorology, air quality, noise levels, surface and ground water quality characteristics, soil/sediment quality characteristics profile and examined as part of comprehensive monitoring program/ plan in EQMS’ own laboratory for in-situ analysis and for other analysis EQMS has association with the laboratory facilities of BUET, BCSIR, DU, SRDI and DOE. A team of experienced field investigators, site engineers and chemists under the supervision of project managers undertake extensive environmental monitoring studies/ exercises through application of standard sampling techniques/ plan concerning materials and/or items to be collected from project and adjacent environment.


Ecological Baseline Study and Biodiversity Conservation Management
EQMS possesses the expertise and experience in conducting studies on various environmental and ecological components comprising physical, biological, socio-economic interaction, etc. pertaining to Baseline Study of particular project.  The Organisation has had the capability to take up studies on terrestrial, aquatic, wetland and mangrove ecosystems as well as coastal/marine environment.
EQMS have also conducted studies on Biodiversity resources on wetlands, coastal areas and hilly forest region as also in-situ wildlife conservation, management and endangered species identification and protection etc.
EQMS is also expert to plan, monitoring and supervision of wildlife sanctuary development. EQMS has also involved for land use mapping and forestry planning.


Socio-economic and Institutional Studies
Consultants/Professional Experts under these disciplines of EQMS have the competency in carrying out socio-economic and institutional studies which include demographic studies, regional economic development studies, and studies on cultural and traditional aspects, infrastructural facilities. Requirements of institutional set up and its re-structuring analysis which is mostly needed to implement various management plans can be effectively worked out by the concerned consultants/specialists of EQMS.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) possesses the expertise and resources to conduct comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) studies for various developmental and industrial projects. Specific activities pertaining to these studies include study-plan concerning collection and review of data (both secondary and primary) in respect of various environmental parameters for assessment of the 'Baseline Environmental Status' and 'Identification and Evaluation of adverse and beneficial impacts' inline with legislative laws/regulations/rules and policies of the Govt., by undertaking field visits to the project site and surveying the site and vicinity, public consultation with local people, reviewing the environmental performance of other similar industrial activities and obtaining information from various govt. organizations and other agencies, and finally using Standard Checklist Method and Impact Matrix analysis.
EQMS is also capable of doing simulation models like air dispersion model- AERMOD, noise dispersion model - CUSTIC, thermal plume water model, pollution/ contamination model etc.
Recommendation of suitable mitigation measures for adverse impacts, Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Plans along with Implementation Time schedule Plan and assigning responsibilities of the specialists for successfully working out the implementation plan.

Preparation of Environmental Disaster and Risk Management Plan








EQMS is capable to prepare detailed Environmental Management Plans comprising components of Disaster and Risk Management Plan in line with the various  guidelines/measures prescribed by national and international agencies such as World Bank, ADB, and DoE under the Ministry of Environment and Forest, with an objective to address and mitigate the adverse impacts on physical, biological and social environmental setup of a region as a result of a natural disaster like fire, chemical explosion, floods, cyclones, earth quakes, etc.

Formulation of Environmental Monitoring System/Plan
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) has got the capabilities to help establish plan and program for monitoring of on-going & post-project environmental quality parameters performances as deem necessary by the Clients/Sponsors in order to ascertain whether the approved/recommended Environmental Management System (EMS) and/or Environmental Management Plan (EMP) are functioning properly by the facility through feedback mechanism. To materialize the goal, EQMS has formulated required formats and methodology for conducting environmental monitoring system/plan and also possesses suitable manpower and resources to conduct both operational and environmental monitoring studies.

Preparation of Environmental Guidelines
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) has had the knowledge and proficiency to prepare operating manual to manage the safety, health and environment at various levels such as managerial & operational and guidelines for contractors and supervisors.

Management of Toxic and Hazardous Wastes generated from Industries and Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling Projects and Power Generation Plants
Toxic and Hazardous waste is the legacy of chemical, hospital and allied industries. No systematic assessment of the quantity and the management of potential toxic/hazardous wastes have so far been made in Bangladesh except some sporadic attempts/studies made by DOE, DU. And some research organisations. However, the environmental engineers, chemists and hazardous waste management specialists associated with EQMS can form a team to formulate the handling, treatment and disposal management of toxic and hazardous wastes generated from various Industrial units, Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling projects, Power Generation Plants, Municipalities and Hospitals.

Resource Management
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) completed resource management study to identify the impacts of uncontrolled shrimp farming, cultivation and evaluate them in socioeconomic terms. The aim of the study was to determine the impacts of shrimp cultivation on the soil fertility and possible saline water intrusion into deeper soils and aquifers.

Environmental Training and Pilot Research Program/Project

The highly experienced professionals maintained by EQMS, are capable of imparting training on different environmental aspects as well as undertaking pilot research projects pertaining to poverty alleviation and improvement of nutritional status of rural and urban poor community through development of Agro-forestry, Agro- Food/Fish/Dairy projects in barren-lands, derelict waters and coastal areas to protect environmental degradation.

Urban Environmental Management Studies
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) has the multidisciplinary capability requirements to conduct comprehensive urban environment management studies, wherein the intricacies in containing the pollution and congestion, enhancing the supply of resources, improving the infrastructure facilities, and improving the overall quality of life of the residents are addressed. Presence of Sanitary Engineers, Urban planners associated with EQMS has been formulated Environmental Management Action Plan to address the issues of adverse environmental impacts of the sub sectors of wastewater disposal, sanitation and solid waste disposal in urban areas.

Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan
EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) has been capable to conduct and prepare a resettlement action plan that fully meets IFC/World Bank Group Policy criteria, (especially OD 4.30 on Involuntary Resettlement). The way of doing the resettlement action plan (RAP) for the project affected people (PAP) is based on the guidelines of IFC Handbook for preparing a Resettlement Action Plan, standard practices followed by reputed organizations and the legal frame work of Bangladesh. In terms of need for preparation of RAP, reliable, and adequate data/information have been collected. These data/information are the basic raw materials for the projected course of action related to effective RAP preparation. The key planning concepts to be taken into account when developing RAP are:
                 1. identification of project impacts and affected populations;
                 2. a legal framework for land acquisition and compensation;
                 3. a compensation framework;
                 4. a description of resettlement assistance and restoration of livelihood activities;
                 5. a detailed budget;
                 6. an implementation schedule;
                 7. a description of organizational responsibilities;
                 8. a framework for public consultation, participation, and development planning;
                 9. a description of provision for redress of grievances; and
               10. a framework for monitoring, evaluation and reporting