Range of Services

EQMS has come a long way, one of the principle private companies. In 12 years of experience EQMS Consulting Limited (EQMS) has collected unanimous appreciation and recognition both from public administrator as well as from entrepreneurs. The secret of our success lies in the capacity to supply high level professional skills, modern technologies and a wide and flexible range of services.

1. Topographic survey
2. Hydrological survey
3. Hydro-geological survey
4. Soil and land use survey
5. Agro-socio-economic survey
6. Structural survey
Safety Audit
7. Structural
8. Electrical
9. Fire
10. EHS Audit etc.
Project Management
11. Tendering bid evaluation
12. Monitoring and Supervision of construction and procurement
13. Quality control
14. Commissioning of projects
15. Project performance analysis
16. Maintenance analysis
17. Governance Improvement and Capacity Development
18. Institutional Capacity and Community Development
Power and Energy
19. Conventional Energy and Power Solution
20. Renewable energy
21. Planning and construction supervision of Electricity Transmission lines, Substations


Basic Engineering
22. Sectoral master plan
23. Regional master plan
24. Feasibility study
25. Economic and financial analysis
26. Schema preparation
27. Project evaluation
28. System design
29. Master plan
30. Preliminary design
31. Network analysis
32. Outline & detailed design
33. Computer aided design
34. Construction drawing
35. Program development
36. System analysis
37. Different engineering modeling
38. Data processing and output analysis
Environmental & Social Assessment
39. Environmental Impact ssessment
40. Social Impact Assessment
41. Resettlement Action Plan
42. Safety Audit – Structural/ Electrical/ fire/ EHS Audit etc.
43. Social Survey
44. Climate change and disaster Management