Renewable Energy Technology

EQMS Consulting Ltd. (EQMS) is an engineering consultancy and sustainable energy solutions provider. Established in 2002, we focus on providing customized, innovative, renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions as well as on-going maintenance and support. Our expertise spans across various technologies including: solar PV, solar thermal, biogas, hydro power, water or waste management, energy efficiency and industrial process optimization and also give sustainable solution for climate change adaptation and disaster management issues.

          1. Turnkey renewable energy solutions;
          2. Consulting & advisory services;
          3. Energy management programs & training;
          4. Energy efficiency & audits;
          5. Feasibility studies & techno-economic models;
          6. Project management & on-site supervision;
          7. Measuring/Auditing of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and Calculating Carbon footprint for industries
              and development sectors.

         1. Reduced electricity costs;
         2. Security of energy supply;
         3. Rebates and incentives;
         4. Customized solutions;
         5. Independent and unbiased;
         6. Individual and community attention;
         7. Long term partnerships;
         8. Get loan facilities;
         9. Social development;
       10. Sustainable solution (mitigation and adaptation option) for disaster risk reduction due to climate change
             and vulnerability.


         1. To evaluate the potential for local plants to generate energy from Solar Grid System;
         2. To evaluate the potential for local manufacture of solar thermal collectors;
         3. To evaluate the potential for local biogas plants to generate energy from household organic waste;
         4. Techno Commercial analysis.

         1. Energy management program at two large hotels where we identified 20% savings using no cost
         2. Energy audit at a night shelter identifying a 50% total energy savings;
         3. Energy audit at concrete factory identifying a 30% saving at low cost.

Solar Household system (SHS) & Mini-grid scheme installed to meet the electricity needs of rural households, enterprises, and businesses which could not otherwise be met with SHS. EQMS has done Financial and Technical Assessment of “Solar Household System and Mini Grid System.”

In spite of being insignificant in volume, the availability of biogas to very large number of rural people and to very remote areas makes the technology very suitable and effective. EQMS has been doing feasibility study for different Biogas installed / support project and also evaluation of biogas supported projects.

The mini-grid schemes, solar pump installation and reach agreements with farmers on the selling rate for water and the duration and quantity of water supply. Most pumps are installed in south-west region in Bangladesh. EQMS closely working with Bangladesh Bank for the feasibility analysis of solar irrigation system in Bangladesh.

The current plan of GoB is to support commercial dissemination of 1 million ICS units. With IDA supported activities creating demand and facilitating supply chain development, households are expected to buy the ICS from the market for cash. EQMS has done Technical and Financial Assessment and installation support of Improve cook Stove program all over Bangladesh by BCSIR.