Electricity Transmission Lines and Substations



Project Management and Contract Administration:

EQMS provide a value-added service in the areas of administration and management of both turnkey type construction projects as well as specific assignments. We can offer a full range of services for projects, commencing from feasibility studies through to commissioning.












Our services include:

                 1. Feasibility studies

                 2. Identification of project scope

                 3. Preparation of cost estimate, project cost and budget

                 4. Assistance in organizing financial funds

                 5. Specification preparation

                 6. Preparation of bid document

                 7. Assistance in bid evaluation and contract award

                 8. Reporting on the viability of contracting out client services

                 9. Advising on risk minimization factors when obtaining contracted services

               10. Provide management personnel as required

               11. Ensure that client’s project liaison requirements are met

               12. Ensure works conform to specified requirements

               13. Process contractual payments

               14. Site management

               15. Commissioning, preparation of ‘As Built’ drawings and project completion report

               16. Capacity building and training